The Hidden Series

Many moons ago, I wrote a YA series called the Hidden Series. If that’s why you’re here, hiiiii! I loved these books and every so often, someone finds their way to it all these years later. I hope you enjoy it! I made a short story to celebrate the series. Check it out here!

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A twist on Beauty and the Beast, this YA contemporary fantasy is perfect for fans of Legendborn and A Deadly Education.

What’s Immortals of Westchester Prep? Well, you might remember the pre-crash site where this had its own tab or perhaps you’ve seen this book on Goodreads. I took it down for a lot of reasons, the main being that it just didn’t turn out like I wanted it to. Will it ever return? I hope so, but I’m focusing on other things at the moment. Thanks for your interest in it!

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Hi, I’m M. Lathan. I write books for young adults and adults of any age, like myself, who love this genre.