Thank you for visiting my website. I am the author of three YA paranormal fiction books (Hidden, Lost, and Shattered). There is one more on the way in this series and tons more to come in others. Thanks for reading and thanks again for stopping by :)


*All books recently professionally proofread by Mia at Electra Editorial Service.  www.electraeditorial.com www.facebook.com/electraeditorial @MiaAFrancis

3/22/2014 – New Content in EXTRAs.

Hey, ppl, head over to the EXTRAs page. I posted musical inspiration for the books and a few characters … and even with what I’m working on now.  :) Back to writing Book Four. It’s going great so far. Remi’s causing some trouble today. Do you hate her as much as I do?

2/24/2014 – Nook issue resolved!

Finally, Shattered is working on Nook. If you are still having trouble, shoot me an email using the contact form, and we’ll figure something out. I had to log out and back into my account on my nook app, and then Shattered opened just fine this morning. Thanks to B&N for fixing it sooner than projected.

Enjoy :)

2/20/14- Nook Nightmare

I sincerely apologize to nook users. It took forever for Barnes and Noble to upload Shattered, and apparently they have done so incorrectly and the book is not opening. As of now, this book is not available for nook until the issue is resolved.

If you have purchased this book and would like to read it now, please email a screenshot of your B&N order confirmation to hiddenseriesemail@gmail.com with NOOKNightmare as the subject, and I will send you a free epub to send to your nook device. This method has been working for readers all week.

If you haven’t bought it yet, head over to Smashwords and get the epub there and send it to your Nook as a document.

I’m soooooo sorry :(

2/1/14- Thank you note. From meeeee.

Guys, I am so incredibly happy and so incredibly nervous about Shattered. I know it is impossible for everyone to like your books, but thank you to those who like them so far. And that makes the third book even more nerve wrecking than the first two. I hope you guys like it and enjoy hearing from Nate’s POV! Thanks again. Enjoy :)

2/1/2014 Shattered is available now on Amazon and Smashwords.!!!!!!

Barnes and Noble, Apple, Kobo, Sony, etc, takes a week or two to process through Smashwords. I’ll keep you updated.

Disclaimer – Because my characters are growing and getting deeper into their roles, they encounter more adult situations. Be advised. This book contains some mild language, mature situations, violence, and strong, emotional themes.


View the clip here ShatteredClip



Hi everyone! Unfortunately I had a site crash and I am building the site again as fast as I can. Don’t worry I won’t let it interfere with the big day. February 1st! Shattered will be released! Stay tuned.




70 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Hi! I am obsessed with your series, and I have been waiting anxiously for shattered to come and I know today is the day that it comes out but what time exactly? Lol, I have Pacific time.

    1. Hi Michelle it should be much longer. I would say a little over a week. It’s been sent but not yet posted. You could get the ePub from smashwords and send the file to your nook ;)

  2. I absolutely LOVED these books!!they were amazing and very good detail! Made me feel like i was actually there!! I cannot wait till the fourth one comes out!!!!!! Do u have any suggestions close to when it’ll be out??!! I’m dying to see what happens next!!

    1. Hi Shelby!! Thanks for reading. I’m so glad you enjoyed the books :). I’m trying to finish the 4th book asap but I’m not quite sure of a time frame just yet :)

    1. Yes, they are available. Searching m. Lathan hidden pulls up all three for me in I books. It’s hard posting a link bc the apple store works thru your iTunes. Let me know if you find it :)

  3. Hey i luv ur books so much and i would realy luv 2 and im acually dieeeeeee ing to no when ur next book comes out and wht it will be called???(book 4.)

    1. Hi Zoe, I’m glad you enjoyed them :) The next book does not have a release date yet, but I will keep the site updated when I get one. I’m not set on a title yet. I’m between two different ones. When I chose I’ll post it :))) thanks for reading, Zoe!

      1. Oh ok thanx u so much u no u have the best talent u made me luv reading before i rea ur book i hated it i will be honest with u but now ur books have inspired me to read lots and lots more of them with luv zoe t

  4. Do u have like a time u probably think the 4th book will be coming out ohhh and i was wondering wht the book will be called??? Pllzzz and thanx u u r awsome

    1. Hi Zoe! I don’t have a time frame just yet and I’ve changed the book’s name so many times already and it is currently untitled :( sorry.

  5. i wanted to just drop in and tell you that i have read all three of the hidden series… and loved them…HARD. thank you for the time and effort you put into them…also i wanted to say that i was listening to the frozen soundtrack and found the song “let it go” reminded me heavily of chris.

    1. Thanks Shannon. I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the books. And yes! I just listened to Let it Go, and you’re right. It’s soooo Chris. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Heyy zoe again sorry im asking this over and over again i just realy would like to no um wht do u think the next book will be called and do u have an idea of when the next book will BE here plzz and thanx u so much

  7. OMG, I so love this story! I’m really looking forward to the fourth book. I think you have an amazing imagination and you’re a great writer. Keep up the great work!

  8. OMG… totally in love with this series! My husband can always tell when I’m really into a series because I’m “unavailable” mentally to anyone for the duration. I read all 3 books in like 5 days. Before work, during lunch, after work well into the evening… Lol today I had the day off and read the last 75% of book 3. I’m dying here! I can’t wait for book 4! With Carter & Remi being the only survivors… Lydia & Gavin back together, Nate & Chris, Paul & Emma… their stories, their characters every thing is so well written you feel like you know them, you see them, picture the way they look, the way they think… this really is an amazing series! Thank you for everything you have poured into this book! I can’t wait to get the #4. Any idea on a release date yet? :)

    1. Thanks so much Melanie! I’m shooting for summer, but I’m not quite sure yet. The characters always take me to unexpected places and delay my release date. Fingers crossed that it won’t happen this time :) Thanks so much for reading and stopping by :)

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